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1 基本资料 患者,男,27岁,因头痛自服一片扑热息痛(0.3 g/片),约3 h后出现局部皮肤瘙痒难耐而就诊.查体:体温37 ℃,脉搏82次/min,呼吸20次/min,血压125/80 mm Hg.口唇红斑,下唇红斑上有2 cm×3 cm范围成片簇集血疱;双手虎口周围有4 cm×4 cm红斑,左手红斑上有0.5 cm×1cm血疱1个;左脚拇趾第一节趾骨背面有2 cm×4 cm红斑,右脚根部有3 cm×4 cm红斑.  相似文献   

Objective:To evaluate whether the efficacy of Getong Tongluo Capsule(葛酮通络胶囊,GTC,consisted of total flavone of Radix Puerariae)on improving patients'quality of life and lowering blood pressure are superior to the extract of Ginkgo biloba(EGB)for patients with convalescent-phase ischemic stroke and primary hypertension.Methods:This randomized,positive-drug-and placebo-controlled,double-blind trial was conducted from September 2015 to October 2017.Totally 477 eligible patients from 18 hospitals in China were randomly assigned in a 2:1:1 ratio to the following interventions,twice a day for 12 weeks:(1)GTC 250 mg plus EGB-matching placebo 40 mg(237 cases,GTC group),(2)EGB 40 mg plus GTC-matching placebo 250 mg(120 cases,EGB group)or(3)GTC-matching placebo 250 mg plus EGB-matching placebo 40 mg(120 cases,placebo group).Moreover,all patients were orally administered aspirin enteric-coated tablets 100 mg,once a day fo r 12 weeks.The primary outcome was the Barthel Index(Bl).The secondary outcomes included the control rate of blood pressure and National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale(NIHSS)scores.The incidence and severity of adverse events(AEs)were calculated and assessed.Results:The Bl relative independence rates,the clinical recovery rates of NIHSS,and the total effective rates of NIHSS in the GTC and EGB groups were significantly higher than the placebo group at 12 weeks after treatment(P<0.05),and no statistical significance was found between the GTC and EGB groups(P>0.05).The control rate of blood pressure in the GTC group was significantly higher than the EGB and placebo groups at 12,18 and 24 weeks after treatment(P<0.01).There were no statistically significant differences in the incidences of AEs,adverse drug reactions,or serious AEs among the 3 groups(P>0.05).Conclusion:GTC exhibited significant efficacy in improving patients'quality of life as well as neurological function and controlling hypertension.  相似文献   

人类的历史教训证明,包括大地震在内的严重自然灾害,对地域生态环境和人类居住条件造成极大的破坏,对灾区人员的健康造成沉重的打击.在这种情况下,发生重大传染病流行的风险将会显著增加.汶川大地震发生后,搜寻生还者,抢救伤病员是抗震救灾第一阶段的重点.  相似文献   

Objective:To investigate whether blood-brain barrier(BBB)served a key role in the edema-relief effect of bloodletting puncture at hand twelve Jing-well points(HTWP)in traumatic brain injury(TBI)and the potential molecular signaling pathways.Methods:Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were assigned to the shamoperated(sham),TBI,and bloodletting puncture(bloodletting)groups(n=24 per group)using a randomized number table.The TBI model rats were induced by cortical contusion and then bloodletting puncture were performed at HTWP twice a day for 2 days.The neurological function and cerebral edema were evaluated by modified neurological severity score(mNSS),cerebral water content,magnetic resonance imaging and hematoxylin and eosin staining.Cerebral blood flow was measured by laser speckles.The protein levels of aquaporin 4(AQP4),matrix metalloproteinases 9(MMP9)and mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway(MAPK)signaling were detected by immunofluorescence staining and Western blot.Results:Compared with TBI group,bloodletting puncture improved neurological function at 24 and 48 h,alleviated cerebral edema at 48 h,and reduced the permeability of BBB induced by TBI(all P<0.05).The AQP4 and MMP9 which would disrupt the integrity of BBB were downregulated by bloodletting puncture(P<0.05 or P<0.01).In addition,the extracellular signal-regulated kinase(ERK)and p38 signaling pathways were inhibited by bloodletting puncture(P<0.05).Conclusions:Bloodletting puncture at HTWP might play a significant role in protecting BBB through regulating the expressions of MMP9 and AQP4 as well as corresponding regulatory upstream ERK and p38 signaling pathways.Therefore,bloodletting puncture at HTWP may be a promising therapeutic strategy for TBI-induced cerebral edema.  相似文献   

Objective:To illustrate the academic influence of Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western medicine,and provide suggestions for further development of the Journal.Methods:Taking the China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI)database as main source and the Chinese Science Citation Database(CSCD)as reference,the researchers retrieved the related data of the Journal such as its publication quantity,citations,fund projects,authors,institutions and regions from 1981 to 2018,analyzed these data by means of bibliometrics and information visualization with EXCEL,SPSS,VISIO,MATLAB and other softwares.Results:Through the analysis of the main indicators,the relevant indicators of the Journal’s academic influence revealed the developing trend of the Journal.Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,endocrine,digestive system,pharmacological research of Chinese medicine and gynecology,as the hot topics in the discipline and academic,were clarified.Conclusions:All indicators show that the Journal is a high-quality journal reflecting the excellent achievements in the field of integrated Chinese and Western medicine in China.Through further analysis of relevant indicators,the authors put forward some specific suggestions on how to run the Journal well.  相似文献   

分析目前考试制度存在的主要问题有命题、复习题、补考制度等方面的弊端,提出考试制度的改革要在加强"三风"建设、做好试题的编审工作、建立完善的考试管理制度、严肃补考纪律等方面下工夫,让严肃的考风带动良好的学风,从而提高教学质量.  相似文献   

2006年4月5日至4月8日第26届国际心肺移植协会(ISHLT)年会在西班牙马德里隆重召开,来自全世界从事心肺移植的专家,包括心外科、胸外科、心内科、呼吸科、麻醉科、ICU、病理科、供体协调等从事基础及临床研究等相关科室的专家共2 000多人参加了此次盛会.  相似文献   

1临床资料 患者,男,29岁.入院前10d双眼视力突然下降,伴轻微头痛,曾就诊于其他医院,经眼科常规检查及眼部B超检查,诊断为原发性视网膜脱离,用药不详,因治疗效果不佳,于2002年10月18日来本院就诊.入院时自诉头痛明显,全身状况不佳,视力:右眼指数/1 m,左眼指数/1 m,双眼轻度睫状充血,角膜后可见细小点状沉着物,房水闪辉阳性,瞳孔呈药物性散大,直径5.5 mm,晶体不混浊,玻璃体可见条状混浊,眼压正常.  相似文献   

1病例患者,女,49岁。10日前出现中上腹不适,伴恶心呕吐,并开始出现尿量减少,全身浮肿,四肢无力,双手不能持物,双下肢不能站立,当时无咖啡样  相似文献   

游泳是人类生活中最自然的生理活动和本能之一。不仅人类,哺乳动物也常有游泳行为,是生活中自然形成和掌握的一种本能。我们认为人和动物一样,生来就具有适应环境的能力。很多动物,无论大小都有游泳本领,不用谁来教,在水中通过多种姿势和划水方法,他们都会把鼻子露出水面,往岸上游。可是人类这种本能后来泯灭了。我们认为社会就是大海,人生就如在大海中游泳,从小让孩子在水中学会挣扎,锻炼拼搏精神,促进胎儿到婴幼儿神经及各脏器的持续发育,使生长的过程得到进一步、更高质量的发展,这对他们一生的好处都是不可估量的。  相似文献   

1 临床资料 患者,男,66岁.因受凉后出现咳嗽、咯痰2d,其家属给予头孢氨苄胶囊0.5g口服后约10min后患者出现胸闷、心慌、呼吸困难、口唇紫绀,继而出现心悸出汗、全身无力、意识丧失、血压下降(60/30mmHg).医护人员迅速到达现场急救,立即给予吸氧、肌注肾上腺素1mg,静注地塞米松10mg,异丙嗪25mg,用药10min后病情好转,测血压80/60mmHg,1h后恢复正常.  相似文献   

2007年12月31日,中国医药生物技术协会纳米生物技术分会批准成立大会在深圳市召开来自全国纳米生物技术领域的近百所大学、中科院研究所、医院、药厂、公司的院士、教授、主任医师、工程技术人员、企业主管出席了成立大会.会议由中国科学院姚开泰院士、中国工程院何继善院士、上海交通大学彭志海教授主持.复旦大学、北京大学、中南大学、清华大学、上海交通大学、四川大学、中山大学、浙江大学、中科院理化所、解放军总医院、石药集团、纳米生物技术公司等单位作了重要发言.  相似文献   

傈僳族是我国民族大家族中一个人数不多但却古老的成员.主要聚居在云南省怒江傈僳族自治州,在丽江和迪族、大理、保山、德宏、临沧等州县,以及四川省的盐源、盐边等县也有分布.根据2000年第5次全国人口普查统计,傈傈族人口数为634912.  相似文献   

据2006年第二次全国残疾人抽样调查显示,我国听力残疾者已达2780万,并且还在不断增加。为切实减少听力残疾的发生、提高公众的爱耳护耳意识。在第29届奥林匹克运动会和第13届残奥会即将到来之际,今年3月3日第九次全国"爱耳日"宣传教育活动的主题定为"奥运精彩——我听到",围绕听力障碍的预防与康复,深入开展宣  相似文献   

病人入院后与病室内病友间相互关系的好坏,对疾病的治疗和转归有着直接的影响。我们为建立患者间互谅互让,互相帮助,互相关心,同情,友好融洽的良好关系,主要做了以下几点:①注意病员的轻重隔离,性别上的隔离;②多渠道地促进患者间的沟通;③妥善处理患者间出现的矛盾和冲突;④培养护理人员崇高的思想境界和精湛的业务技术水平。  相似文献   

目的 探讨EB病毒(EBV)和巨细胞病毒(CMV)感染与Ⅰ型自身免疫性肝炎1型(AIH-I型)之间的关系.方法 采用酶联免疫吸附技术(ELISA)检测AIH-I型患者和对照组血清中EBV和CMV抗体IgG和IgM, CMV-IgM阳性者行聚合酶链反应(PCR)检测血清的CMV-DNA;EBV-IgM阳性者行肝组织活检免疫组织化学检测EBV抗原,再阳性者行原位杂交检测EBV特异基因,比较各对应组之间的差异.结果 在AIH-I型组和对照组之间,CMV-IgM、CMV-IgG、EBV-IgM和EBV-IgG比较差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05).AIH-I型组与对照组中CMV-IgM阳性者15例,其血清CMV-DNA均为阴性.AIH-I型组和对照组血清EBV-IgM阳性者21例,检测其肝组织中EBV抗原,阳性6例;对此6例原位杂交检测肝组织EBV基因(EBER),结果均为阴性.结论 自身免疫性肝炎患者CMV-IgG和EBV-IgG阳性率均比对照组高,推测AIH-I型患者既往感染该病毒;但IgM阳性率高于对照组并不能证明现症感染,提示IgM与自身免疫性肝炎患者某些自身抗原存在交叉免疫反应,并通过分子模拟机制诱发自身免疫性肝炎. Abstract: Objective The purpose of this study was to initially explore the relationship between the epstein-barr virus and cytomegalo virus infection and type I autoimmune hepatitis(type I AIH). Methods The IgG/IgM antibodies in EBV and CMV in serum between type I AIH group and the control group were detected by enzyme-labeled immunosorbent assay(ELISA). CMV-DNA was detected by polymerase chain reaction(PCR) in serum of CMV-IgM positive reaction. Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the EBV antigens in liver tissue which was obstained by liver biopsy.Situ hybridization was used to detect EBV -specific genes in liver tissue which also getted by liver biopsy.Then compared the differences in each other. Results Between the type I AIH group and the control group, there were significant difference in CMV-IgM, CMV-IgG, EBV-IgM and EBV-IgG (P<0.05). In the type Ⅰ AIH group and the control group, the serum CMV-DNA were negative in 15 cases CMV-IgM positive and 6 cases of 21 cases of serum EBV-IgM positive reaction in serum were positive by immunohistochemistry,but then negative by in situ hybridization.Conclusions CMV-IgG and EBV-IgG positive rate in type Ⅰ AIH group was higher than the control group, and it suggested that type Ⅰ AIH type patients had been infected with the virus.CMV-IgM and EBV-IgM positive rate in type Ⅰ AIH group was higher than the control group too, which could not prove present infection.These indicated that cross-immune response was existed between IgM antibodies of EBV and CMV in serum and certain self-antigen in patients with autoimmune hepatitis and suggested that autoimmune hepatitis may be induced by molecular simulation mechanism.  相似文献   

1病历报告 患儿,男,40d。1999年7月14日在农村诊所,医生误将哌替啶100mg当成乙肝疫苗肌注。2min后发现患儿面色发绀、呼吸困难,立即乘车20min到达我院。诊断:哌替啶中毒。查体:无呼吸,无脉搏,颜面发绀,双瞳孔等大正圆直径约4~5mm,对光反射消失,心音消失。抢救过程:立即吸氧、人工呼吸、  相似文献   

Objective:To explore the clinical effect and adverse reactions of Strychnos nux-vomica in bortezomib-induced peripheral neuropathy(BIPN)of patients with multiple myeloma(MM).Methods:A total of 19 MM patients with BIPN were enrolled and Nux Vomica Capsule(NVC,0.4 g,thrice daily)were orally administrated for 30 days.Comparative analysis on parameters between pre-and post-therapy,including peripheral neuropathy(PN)grade,neurotoxicity score,Chinese medicine(CM)syndrome score,total neuropathy score(TNS),coagulation function,and serum nerve growth factor(NGF)levels were conducted.The adverse events were monitored.Results:In BIPN of MM patients who received NVC,PN grade was lowered,neurotoxicity score was obviously decreased(P 0.01),and both CM syndrome score and TNS were remarkably decreased(P<0.01).After the therapy,activated partial thromboplastin time was prolonged(P<0.01)and fibrinogen was declined(P<0.05),showing improvement in the hypercoagulable state of patients.No significant difference of NGF recovery degrees was detected between pre-and post-therapy(P>0.05).No evident adverse reactions were observed during the course of treatment.Conclusion:Strychnos nux-vomica L.has significantly effect with a good safety in treatment of BIPN in MM patients.  相似文献   

To assses the effect of single nucleotide polymorphism of excision repair cross-complementation group 1 C8092A on the clinical outcome and toxicity in advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving first line platinum based chemotherapy.MethodsThis article is a review of the current research on single nucleotide polymorphism and its effect on treatment outcome and toxicity of advanced stage lung cancer.Conclusion The observations indicate that more advanced studies and trials on C8092A SNPs are needed so as to assess if it could be used as a potential biomarker in the future.  相似文献   

Objective To update the current status of bioresorbable scaffold, highlights the potential future prospective of innovativebioresorbable scaffold technology.  相似文献   

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