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A Systematic Review of Health Care Efficiency Measures   总被引:3,自引:2,他引:1  
Objective. To review and characterize existing health care efficiency measures in order to facilitate a common understanding about the adequacy of these methods.
Data Sources. Review of the MedLine and EconLit databases for articles published from 1990 to 2008, as well as search of the "gray" literature for additional measures developed by private organizations.
Study Design. We performed a systematic review for existing efficiency measures. We classified the efficiency measures by perspective, outputs, inputs, methods used, and reporting of scientific soundness.
Principal Findings. We identified 265 measures in the peer-reviewed literature and eight measures in the gray literature, with little overlap between the two sets of measures. Almost all of the measures did not explicitly consider the quality of care. Thus, if quality varies substantially across groups, which is likely in some cases, the measures reflect only the costs of care, not efficiency. Evidence on the measures' scientific soundness was mostly lacking: evidence on reliability or validity was reported for six measures (2.3 percent) and sensitivity analyses were reported for 67 measures (25.3 percent).
Conclusions. Efficiency measures have been subjected to few rigorous evaluations of reliability and validity, and methods of accounting for quality of care in efficiency measurement are not well developed at this time. Use of these measures without greater understanding of these issues is likely to engender resistance from providers and could lead to unintended consequences.  相似文献
目的:系统评价乳酸杆菌活菌制剂治疗细菌性阴道病的疗效和安全性。方法:计算机检索CENTRAL(The Co-chrane Library 2010,Issue 1)、PubMed(1966~2010年1月)、EMBASE(1974~2010年1月)、CBMd isc(1978~2010年1月)、CNKI(1979~2010年1月)、VIP(1989~2010年1月)和万方数据库(1989~2010年1月);手工检索相关专业杂志。收集乳酸杆菌活菌制剂治疗细菌性阴道病的临床对照试验,文章语种不限,检索时间截止至2010年1月31日。由两名研究者按照Co-chrane系统评价的方法,独立纳入研究、提取资料、评价纳入研究的偏倚风险,提取有效数据,并使用RevMan 5.0软件对纳入研究进行M eta分析。结果:共纳入11个RCT,包含1 316例患者。M eta分析结果显示:乳酸杆菌活菌制剂阴道局部用药与甲硝唑阴道局部用药疗效差异无统计学意义〔总有效率(OR=0.85,95% CI 0.55~1.31,P=0.46),复发率(OR=0.28,95% CI 0.02~3.58,P=0.33)〕,未发现明确的药物不良反应;二者合用可降低细菌性阴道病的复发率〔联合用药(OR=0.05,95% CI 0.01~0.43,P=0.006),序贯用药(OR=0.25,95% CI 0.10~0.63,P=0.003)〕。结论:乳酸杆菌活菌制剂阴道局部用药与甲硝唑阴道局部用药疗效一致,未发现明确的药物不良反应;二者合用可降低细菌性阴道病的复发率。  相似文献
我国综合性医院医疗质量评价指标的系统评价   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
目的对我国现有的关于综合性医院医疗质量评价的文献进行系统评价,对评价指标的使用情况进行描述性研究.以期为综合医院医疗质量评价指标体系的构建提供借鉴。方法按照系统评价的要求,在中国期刊全文数据库(CNKI)中检索近10年的文献.对符合纳入标准的文献进行分析。结果纳入研究的119篇文献共引用指标166项,其中总引用频次≥20次的指标有15项:基础质量指标、环节质量指标和经济效益指标比重较低。结论应建立一套既科学、规范,又操作性强的医疗质量评价指标体系.以使医疗质量评价工作统一、规范。  相似文献
我国药品安全定义和范畴的系统综述和定性访谈   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2       下载免费PDF全文
目的:深入探讨药品安全的定义和范畴,为药品安全监管工作提供政策性建议。方法:采用系统综述方法,对近10年来相关中、英文数据库及网站中提及药品安全概念、范畴,或对保障药品安全策略和措施的文章分析、整理和综合,总结出药品安全所包含的主要内容;利用定性访谈了解药品监管人员、医务工作者和专业技术人员对于药品安全概念和范畴的认识,以及当前影响药品安全的重要问题。结果:系统综述纳入290篇文献,其中6篇给出了药品安全的定义,纳入文献对于药品安全的定义侧重于药品不良反应/事件监测、避免用药错误、风险管理以及可及性方面。药品安全的范畴主要包括药品监管、药品不良反应/事件、药品保障、药品研发、药品生产、药品流通、药品使用和药品信息获取;定性访谈结果显示,大部分受访者认为药品安全涵盖所有与药物相关的工作,现阶段质量问题和不合理用药是受访者集中反映的药品安全的主要问题。结论:通过综合分析,我们将药品安全定义为通过对药品研发、生产、流通、使用全环节进行监管所表现出来的消除或控制了外在威胁和内在隐患的综合状态,以及为达到这种状态所必要的供应保障和信息反馈。其范畴可以界定为质量符合标准、不良反应在可接受的范围内、临床无用药差错和可及性四个部分。  相似文献
Recent developments in meta-analysis   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
The art and science of meta-analysis, the combination of results from multiple independent studies, is now more than a century old. In the last 30 years, however, as the need for medical research and clinical practice to be based on the totality of relevant and sound evidence has been increasingly recognized, the impact of meta-analysis has grown enormously. In this paper, we review highlights of recent developments in meta-analysis in medical research. We outline in particular how emphasis has been placed on (i) heterogeneity and random-effects analyses; (ii) special consideration in different areas of application; (iii) assessing bias within and across studies; and (iv) extension of ideas to complex evidence synthesis. We conclude the paper with some remarks on ongoing challenges and possible directions for the future.  相似文献
The effect of season and weather on physical activity: a systematic review   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
Tucker P  Gilliland J 《Public health》2007,121(12):909-922
OBJECTIVES: This study reviewed previous studies to explore the effect of season, and consequently weather, on levels of physical activity. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: Thirty-seven primary studies (published 1980-2006) representing a total of 291883 participants (140482 male and 152085 female) from eight different countries are described, and the effect of season on moderate levels of physical activity is considered. RESULTS: Upon review of the evidence, it appears that levels of physical activity vary with seasonality, and the ensuing effect of poor or extreme weather has been identified as a barrier to participation in physical activity among various populations. Therefore, previous studies that did not recognize the effect of weather and season on physical activity may, in fact, be poor representations of this behaviour. CONCLUSIONS: Future physical activity interventions should consider how weather promotes or hinders such behaviour. Providing indoor opportunities during the cold and wet months may foster regular physical activity behaviours year round.  相似文献
2000—2010年我国高血压患病率系统综述   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
白洁  唐智柳  李岚  顾丽娜  薛迪 《上海预防医学》2012,(11):604-608,616
[目的]系统综述2000—2010年我国高血压患病情况。[方法]对纳入的140项有关我国高血压粗患病率的研究进行系统性分析,应用Comprehensive Meta Analysis软件计算我国高血压总体粗患病率及其95%可信区间,并绘制森林图。[结果]我国15岁以上人群高血压粗患病率为23.33%,存在明显的时间、年龄、性别、地域和民族差异。[结论]我国高血压粗患病率处于亚洲中上水平,并继续上升;高血压患病状况的流行病学分析有利于危险因素与控制方法的探索。  相似文献
中国HIV-1基因亚型分布文献分析   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
Jin Y  Guo H  Jiang F  Liu Z  Wang D 《卫生研究》2011,40(5):645-648
目的了解中国国内不同感染人群人类免疫缺陷病毒I型(HIV-1)亚型及分布特点。方法计算机检索中国知网、万方数据资源和维普科技期刊全文数据库,下载题录,并按纳入和排除标准选择文献,提取资料,分析HIV基因亚型在不同感染人群中和不同年代的分布。结果纳入62篇文章,共2091例病例;中国主要流行的HIV-1基因亚型为B(12.4%)、B’(23.9%)、CRF01-AE(30.0%)、CRF-BC(27.2%);HIV的基因亚型与传播途径相关;近年来,中国流行的重组毒株增多。结论中国HIV基因亚型流行日趋复杂,为其监测、防控和治疗带来了更大的困扰。  相似文献
高频超声在亚洲女性中筛查乳腺癌准确性的系统评价   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
Huang Y  Pang Y  Wang Q  Li JY 《中华流行病学杂志》2010,31(11):1296-1299
目的 评价高频超声在亚洲女性中筛查乳腺癌的准确性及价值.方法 系统地收集高频超声筛查亚洲女性乳腺癌的研究文献;按照QUADAS工具对纳入文献进行质量评价;采用Meta-DiSc 1.4软件计算高频超声的合并灵敏度和特异度,绘制综合受试者工作特征(SROC)曲线;并计算高频超声筛查早期乳腺癌(包括TNM 0期、Ⅰ期和Ⅱ期)的构成比.结果 共纳入7篇筛查报告,研究对象22 244人.QUADAS质量评价结果表明:A级文献有5篇、B级文献有2篇,纳入文献质量较高.Meta分析结果显示,纳入的研究具有异质性(Q=38.97,P<0.0001),利用随机效应模型(REM)估计合并值,合并灵敏度和特异度分别为0.785(95%CI:0.726~0.837)和0.975(95%CI:0.973~0.977),SROC曲线下面积(AUC)为0.9800.在随访超过一年的研究中,96.9%(63例)的患者处于临床Ⅱ期及之前.结论 纳入的7项研究显示高频超声在亚洲女性乳腺癌筛查中有较高的准确性,且有发现早期乳腺癌的能力.  相似文献
重症急性胰腺炎循证治疗方法的探讨   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
李金友  王卫星  陈晨 《职业与健康》2010,26(20):2386-2388
目的借助循证医学的方法为重症急性胰腺炎(severe acute pancreatitis,SAP)患者确定治疗目标及治疗方案。方法在充分评估患者病情的基础上,提出临床问题并转换成便于检索的形式,检索Cochrane图书馆(2009年第4期)、SUM search(1990年1月—2009年1月)和PubM ed(1990年1月—2009年1月)等数据库,查找与治疗SAP的系统评价和随机对照试验,并对相关证据进行评价。根据证据结果及病人意愿为患者制定治疗方案。结果共检出与此不同问题相关的随机对照试验93篇,系统评价或M eta分析27篇,通过对检索结果进行分析并结合患者意愿,为患者制定了合理的治疗方案,经过治疗患者获得了良好的治疗效果。结论采用循证治疗的方法为SAP患者制定合理、安全的治疗方案,控制症状,预防并减少并发症,实现成本—疗效的优化。  相似文献
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