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Meta-analysis of the P300 and P50 waveforms in schizophrenia   总被引:16,自引:0,他引:16  
Objective: To determine whether patients with schizophrenia have abnormalities in the P300 and P50 waves and to quantify the magnitude of any differences from controls. Method: We conducted a systematic search for articles published between January 1994 and August 2003 that reported P50 or P300 measures in schizophrenic patients and controls. Metaregression analyses were performed using a random effects model. The pooled standardised effect size (PSES) was calculated as the difference between the means of the two groups divided by the common standard deviation. Results: We identified 46 studies suitable for analysis of P300 measures, including 1443 patients and 1251 controls. There were 20 P50 studies including 421 patients and 401 controls. The PSES for the P300 amplitude was 0.85 (95% CI: 0.65 to 1.05; p<0.001), and for the P300 latency was −0.57 (95% CI: −0.75 to −0.38; p<0.001). The PSES of the P50 ratio was −1.56 (95% CI: −2.05 to −1.06; p<0.001). There were no significant differences between patients and controls in P50 latency. Across-study variations in filters, task difficulty, antipsychotic medication and duration of illness did not influence the PSES significantly. Conclusions: This meta-analysis confirms the existence of ERP deficits in schizophrenia. The magnitude of these deficits is similar to the most robust findings reported in neuroimaging and neuropsychology in schizophrenia.  相似文献
急性CO中毒后迟发性脑病的相关因素及P300的研究   总被引:16,自引:2,他引:14  
目的 探讨急性一氧化碳(CO)中毒后迟发性脑病(DEACMP)的相关因素及P300对其病情判定和预后的意义。方法 对44例DEACMP患者与42例未发生迟发性脑病的急性CO中毒(ACMP)患者在C0接触时间,昏迷时间等13个方面进行比较,并行P300检测,且与DEACMP组发生CO中毒初期清醒后所测P300(DEACMP0组)及44名正常人的P300(NC组)进行比较。结果 DEACMP在CO接触时间,昏迷时间,高压氧治疗时间,年龄,合并症等方面与ACMP组比较有极显著差异(P<0.01),在扩血管药治疗,心脑血管病及呼吸系统疾病史,吸烟,职业方面亦有显著差异(P<0.05)。DEACMP组较DEACMP0组P300潜伏期明显延长,波幅明显下降(P<0.01),DEACMP0组较NC组亦有类似改变。结论 长时间接触CO,长时间昏迷,高压氧治疗时间较短,扩血管药治疗时间短,年龄较大,有合并症,患心脑血管病及呼吸系统疾病,吸烟,脑力劳动与发生DEACMP相关。急性CO中毒患者的P300潜伏期越长,波幅越低,其认知功能越差,发生DEACMP的可能性越大。P300对DEACMP的发生,预后可做出较准确评价。  相似文献
注意缺陷多动障碍患儿听觉事件相关电位P3波的对照研究   总被引:14,自引:0,他引:14  
目的探讨注意缺陷多动障碍(ADHD)患儿与正常儿童听觉事件相关电位P3波的异同.方法测试33例ADHD患儿(ADHD组)和33名正常儿童(对照组)的听觉事件相关电位,并填写Conner行为量表-父母问卷.结果 (1)ADHD组P3波的潜伏期除T6外,余各脑区均长于对照组(P<0.05).(2)ADHD组与对照组听觉P3波波幅的差异无显著性(P>0.05).(3)ADHD组误按非靶刺激数[(2.75±2.55)个]多于对照组[(1.58±1.66)个],差异有显著性(P<0.05);遗漏靶刺激数亦多于对照组,反应时间长于对照组,但差异均无显著性(P值分别为0.063和0.087).(4)听觉P3波潜伏期与反应时间、误按非靶刺激数呈正相关(r=0.26~0.47,P<0.05),C3、C4、P3、P4、O1、F7、T5、Cz、Pz脑区的P3波潜伏期与Conner量表学习问题因子分数呈正相关(r=0.27~0.35,P<0.05).结论 ADHD患儿听觉P3波潜伏期长,提示认知功能损害.  相似文献
BACKGROUND: The purpose of the study was to investigate and identify abnormal brain activity, as revealed by event-related potentials (ERPs) concurring with deficient inhibitory control in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). METHODS: Performance and ERPs from 16 children with ADHD and 16 control subjects were compared in the stop-signal paradigm. RESULTS: The ADHD children showed a lower inhibition percentage and their (estimated) response time to the stop signal was disproportionally longer compared to the slowing of reaction times to primary-task stimuli. In normal control subjects, fronto-central positivity (100-400 msec) after the onset of the stop-signal was larger in case of successful inhibition, relative to failed inhibition; this was less so in ADHD children. A late positive wave (500-700 msec), maximal at Oz on failed inhibition trials, and possibly related to error-detection, was smaller in ADHD children. CONCLUSIONS: These results point to abnormalities in brain processes involved in motor inhibition and error-detection in ADHD children.  相似文献
精神分裂症患者事件相关电位相关性研究   总被引:11,自引:2,他引:9  
目的:探讨精神分裂症患者事件相关电位P300的特点及事件相关电位与阴性、阳性症状的相关性。方法:对28例精神分裂症患者及21名健康志愿者进行事件相关电位P300的检测。结果:两组靶刺激时P300的N2、P3潜伏期和P2、P3波幅有显著差异。结论:提示事件相关电位P300在协助精神分裂症的诊断、分型及推测预后方面有一定意义。  相似文献
精神分裂症认知障碍与精神症状的关系   总被引:10,自引:1,他引:9  
目的:探索精神分裂症认知障碍特点及其与阴性、阳性症状间的关系。方法:比较32例未用过抗精神病药的精神分裂症患者及15例正常受试者的事件相关电位(ERPs)和威斯康星卡片分类测验(WCST)成绩,并进行相关分析。结果:精神分裂症患者多个位点N2和P3波潜伏期延长,P3波幅降低。WCST中分类完成数偏少,持续错误数和总错误数增加。N2潜伏期和波幅与阳性症状与阴性症状量表(PANSS)阳性症状分呈负相关,而WCST总错误数与PANSS总分和阴性症状分正相关。结论:精神分裂症病人存在中枢信息处理障碍、认知障碍,与阴性、阳性症状之间具有一定的内在联系。  相似文献
目的 研究血管性认知功能障碍 (VCI)患者的神经心理学、影像学及事件相关电位的特点并探讨其意义。方法 对 78例VCI患者及 4 9名正常人进行中文版简易智能状态检查 (MMSE)量表、头颅CT、事件相关电位检查。结果  (1)VCI组MMSE总分 (2 4 .35± 3.2 8)分 ,与正常组 (2 5 .0 4± 5 .0 3)分比较差异无显著性(P >0 .0 5 ) ;地点定向、时间定向、短程记忆、计算能力、语言表达、言语复述、图形描画 7项亚项的评分均明显低于正常组 (均P <0 .0 5 )。 (2 )VCI患者脑萎缩明显 ,脑梗死灶位于额、颞叶者及多发性梗死患者MMSE评分降低更显著 (均P <0 .0 5 )。 (3)VCI患者P3 0 0 潜伏期与正常组相比显著延长 (P <0 .0 5 ) ,P3 0 0 潜伏期与MMSE评分呈负相关 (r=- 0 .6 1,P <0 0 5 )。结论 MMSE量表中认知功能亚项的测评 ,有利于早期发现VCI患者的认知功能障碍 ,脑萎缩及脑梗死灶的部位和数目与VCI的程度有关 ;P3 0 0 潜伏期的检测对于早期发现VCI患者的认知障碍及其程度有重要价值。  相似文献
Over the past few decades, functional neuroimaging techniques have begun to provide unprecedented windows on the neurobiology of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the neural effects of medications used to treat the disorder. Convergent data from neuroimaging, neuropsychological, genetics, and neurochemical studies have implicated dysfunction of fronto-striatal structures (lateral prefrontal cortex, dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, caudate, and putamen) as likely contributing to the pathophysiology of ADHD. This review 1) provides an overview of the main imaging techniques being used to study ADHD; 2) discusses their relative strengths and weaknesses, highlighting how they can complement one another; 3) shows how the functional imaging literature, which has built on the structural imaging data, is now being used to test focused hypotheses regarding the neurobiological substrate of ADHD; and 4) suggests guidelines for improving future functional imaging studies. Although at present there are no accepted uses for functional imaging in diagnosing ADHD, this article mentions possible future clinical uses of imaging in ADHD.  相似文献
多发性脑梗塞事件相关电位及治疗的研究   总被引:9,自引:0,他引:9  
应用听觉oddball序列研究了18例多发性脑梗塞患者的事件相关电位(ERPs)的P3成分,发现12例P3潜伏期比对照组显著延长;长谷川智测量表评分(HDS)平均23.4分,有13例属轻度智能低下。应用灯盏花素片治疗后, 14例P3潜伏期显著缩短,HDS评分上升。结果提示 ERPS检查有利于早期发现多发性脑梗塞患者认知功能的减退,并可作为一种评价药物疗效的特殊指标。  相似文献
概率对冲突信息诱发的事件相关电位N270的影响   总被引:9,自引:0,他引:9  
目的:研究刺激概率对颜色冲突信息诱发的事件相关电位N270的影响。方法:将四种颜色随机组合的刺激对分为三组:一组,在该组刺激中颜色相同的刺激对与不同的刺激对各占50%的概率;二组 颜色不同的占85%,相同的占15%的概率;三组 颜色不同的概率占15%,相同的占85%。受试者的任务:辨别前后呈现的两上刺激(第一个刺激S1,第二个刺激S2)颜色是否相同。结果:在颜色冲突(两个刺激颜色不同)事件中,S2  相似文献
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