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The estimation of the force generated by an activated muscle is of high relevance not only in biomechanical studies but also more and more in clinical applications in which the information about the muscle forces supports the physician's decisions on diagnosis and treatment. The surface electromyographic signal (sEMG) reflects the degree of activation of skeletal muscles and certain that the sEMG is highly correlated to the muscle force. However, the largest disadvantage in predicting the muscle force from sEMG is the fact that the force generated by a muscle cannot be directly measured non-invasively. Indirect measurement of muscle force goes along with other unpredictable factors which influence the detected force but not necessarily the sEMG data. In addition, the sEMG is often difficult to interpret correctly. The sEMG-force relationship has been investigated for a long time and numerous papers are available. This review shows the limitations in predicting the muscle force from sEMG signals and gives some perspectives on how these limitations could be overcome, especially in clinical applications, by using novel ways of interpretation.  相似文献
小腿假肢对线对膝关节肌肉活动特性的影响   总被引:1,自引:1,他引:0       下载免费PDF全文
目的:研究小腿假肢对线对患者站立状态下膝关节肌肉活动特性的影响。探索最优对线的生物力学依据。方法:针对矢状面不同的对线角度,采用NoraxonTM TeleMYO 2400R表面肌电信号采集系统,测量健侧和残侧有关的10组肌肉的表面肌电信号。结果:为保持站立状态下膝关节稳定,残侧股二头肌和股内侧肌的等张收缩程度高于健侧:调整矢状面对线角度会改变健侧的腓肠内、外肌和残侧股内、外侧肌的收缩程度,当腿管相对于接受腔的屈伸角从一60增大+60到时.以上肌肉的表面肌电绝对平均值变化幅度达一倍以上。而双侧股二头肌、健侧股四头肌肌群收缩程度几乎不变。结论:小腿假肢矢状面对线对患者站立状体下膝关节肌肉和健侧踝关节肌肉活动特性影响明显,以上结果为假肢的优化对线提供了直观定量的生物力学依据.可以结合残侧承重线、足底压力的分析,寻找指导对线的原则。  相似文献
目的:观察动态运动负荷对脑卒中患者下肢肌肉表面肌电信号变化的影响,探讨在动态运动负荷下脑卒中患者_F肢肌肉表面肌电信号特征.方法:11例脑卒巾患者和10例正常人(对照组)参加本实验研究,利用动态运动负荷诱发双侧下肢屈伸膝关节,采用表面电极引导和记录肌电信号并进行线性时、频分析.结果:两组各活动肢体间比较除AEMG斜率均值外MF、MPF、AEMG及MF斜率及MPF斜率均值差异无显著性意义;各活动肌肉间比较MF、MPF、AEMG均值差异有显著性意义,而MF斜率、MPF斜率及AEMG斜率均值无显著性差异;活动肢体因素四个水平间比较除偏瘫组患侧与健侧之间的MF和AEMG、AEMG斜率均值和偏瘫组患侧与正常组左侧的MPF斜率均值有显著性差异外,其余参数在偏瘫组与正常组组内、组间的差异无显著性差异;活动肌肉因素4组肌肉间对比:主动肌与拮抗肌以及协同肌AEMC、MPF差异有显著性,协同肌之间MF、MPF差异有非常显著性,拮抗肌与协同肌差异无显著性.结论:采用快速傅立叶变换方法进行线性功率谱分析和平均肌电值及疲劳试验分析并不能很好地反映动态运动负荷下脑卒中患者下肢肌肉表面肌电信号变化,特别是活动肢体因素,原因尚待深入研究.  相似文献
目的探讨生物反馈联合盆底肌锻炼治疗不同程度女性压力性尿失禁的近期疗效及盆底肌表面肌电检测的意义。方法选取69例女性压力性尿失禁患者,依据临床症状分为轻度(26例)、中度(24例)和重度(19例)3组,进行12周的生物反馈联合盆底肌功能锻炼治疗,在治疗前、后分别记录排尿日记,填写国际尿失禁咨询委员会问卷简表(ICI-Q-SF),并进行盆底肌表面肌电检测。结果各组治疗后总排尿次数、总漏尿次数I、CI-Q-SF评分显著低于治疗前,而盆底肌表面肌电活力值显著高于治疗前。同时,轻度组治疗后总排尿次数、总漏尿次数I、CI-Q-SF评分及盆底肌表面肌电活力值、峰值和做功值的改善值大于中度和重度组治疗后的改善值;中度组治疗后总排尿次数I、CI-Q-SF和盆底肌表面肌电峰值的改善值优于重度组。治疗结束后3个月随访有效率:轻度组为88.46%,高于中度组(62.50%)和重度组(52.63%)(P<0.05)。结论生物反馈联合盆底肌锻炼是一项简便、有效的治疗女性压力性尿失禁的方法,尤其适用于轻度女性患者;盆底肌表面肌电检测是评估其疗效的重要方法。  相似文献
Muscular tension is assigned an important role in the development and maintenance of chronic pain syndromes. It is seen as a psychophysiological correlate of learned fear and avoidance behavior. Basic theoretical models emphasize classical conditioning of muscular responses as a mechanism of pain chronification. However, the empirical basis for this field is very small. Our aim was to investigate muscular factors in relation to unconditioned and conditioned pain stimuli. An experimental study was conducted using a differential classical conditioning paradigm with 18 patients with chronic back pain (BP) and tension-type headache (TTH), and 18 healthy controls (HC). A high-pitched sound served as the CS+, paired with an intracutaneous electric pain stimulus (US), while a neutral sound was used as the CS−. Simultaneously, integrated surface electromyograms (iEMGs) were recorded for seven muscle sites. Our hypothesis was that the pain patients would demonstrate enhanced conditionability. Baseline values between patients (TTH, BP) and HC showed no significant differences. Although the perception and pain thresholds were balanced, both patient groups revealed a higher number of significant muscular responses to the pain stimulus (UR) than the HC. All participants showed significant conditioned muscular responses, however, the patients displayed a higher number than the healthy controls. Furthermore a significant relation was found between muscular responses and the experience of pain 1 day after the experiment. Muscular responses can be learned via classical conditioning. TTH and BP patients revealed a higher number of unconditioned and conditioned responses.  相似文献
The aim of this review is to present the state of the art of the technology of detection and conditioning systems for surface electromyography (sEMG).  相似文献
目的:记录胸锁乳突肌不同体位姿势时的表面肌电图以评估其疲劳的发生及临床意义。方法:采用表面肌电图仪,用双电极引导法对8名健康受试者的胸锁乳突肌进行等长收缩和屈伸疲劳状态下的检测。观察指标为中位频率(MF)和平均功率频率(MPF)。在头平视、头前屈、头后伸、深吸气、头旋转、头强力前屈等姿势下记录右侧胸锁乳突肌的表面肌电图。结果:头平视位60s时MF为33.00±2.12,MPF为51.00±4.33; 头前屈位60s时MF为28.50±1.51,MPF为58.00±3.13;头后伸位60s时MF为23.00  相似文献
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