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Scaffolds in tissue engineering bone and cartilage   总被引:123,自引:0,他引:123  
Hutmacher DW 《Biomaterials》2000,21(24):2529-2543
Musculoskeletal tissue, bone and cartilage are under extensive investigation in tissue engineering research. A number of biodegradable and bioresorbable materials, as well as scaffold designs, have been experimentally and/or clinically studied. Ideally, a scaffold should have the following characteristics: (i) three-dimensional and highly porous with an interconnected pore network for cell growth and flow transport of nutrients and metabolic waste; (ii) biocompatible and bioresorbable with a controllable degradation and resorption rate to match cell/tissue growth in vitro and/or in vivo; (iii) suitable surface chemistry for cell attachment, proliferation, and differentation and (iv) mechanical properties to match those of the tissues at the site of implantation. This paper reviews research on the tissue engineering of bone and cartilage from the polymeric scaffold point of view.  相似文献
Suh JK  Matthew HW 《Biomaterials》2000,21(24):2589-2598
Once damaged, articular cartilage has very little capacity for spontaneous healing because of the avascular nature of the tissue. Although many repair techniques have been proposed over the past four decades, none has sucessfully regenerated long-lasting hyaline cartilage tissue to replace damaged cartilage. Tissue engineering approaches, such as transplantation of isolated chondrocytes, have recently demonstrated tremendous clinical potential for regeneration of hyaline-like cartilage tissue and treatment of chondral lesions. As such a new approach emerges, new important questions arise. One of such questions is: what kinds of biomaterials can be used with chondrocytes to tissue-engineer articular cartilage? The success of chondrocyte transplantation and/or the quality of neocartilage formation strongly depend on the specific cell-carrier material. The present article reviews some of those biomaterials, which have been suggested to promote chondrogenesis and to have potentials for tissue engineering of articular cartilage. A new biomaterial, a chitosan-based polysaccharide hydrogel, is also introduced and discussed in terms of the biocompatibility with chondrocytes.  相似文献
生物衍生组织工程骨支架材料的制备及理化特性   总被引:36,自引:0,他引:36  
我们用物理化学方法处理自制的天然生物衍生骨支架材料 ,测试其理化性质及力学强度 ,为骨组织工程研究提供可供选择的支架材料。将猪肋骨进行一系列理化处理 ,制成完全脱蛋白骨 (FDB)、部分脱蛋白骨(PDPB)、部分脱钙骨 (PDCB)三种材料 ,用扫描电镜观察其形貌特征 ,用 X射线衍射分析、X射线能量散射分析材料成份 ,用微量凯氏定氮法测定蛋白质含量 ,并对材料的力学性能进行分析测定。结果发现 ,FDB、PDPB、PDCB三种材料皆保持原骨组织的天然网状孔隙系统。其钙 /磷比值依次为 1.81、1.74和 1.5 0。三种材料的蛋白质含量为0 .0 1%± 0 .0 2 % ,2 2 .41%± 0 .83%和 35 .75 %± 2 .2 1% ,力学强度大小为 :PDCB>PDPB>FDB。可见 ,用不同理化方法处理制得的三种生物衍生骨材料皆保存原骨组织的天然网状孔隙系统 ,所含有机及无机成分含量不同 ,力学性能亦有差异 ,尚需要进一步验证其细胞相容性和组织相容性。  相似文献
Ducheyne P  Qiu Q 《Biomaterials》1999,20(23-24):2287-2303
Surface reactivity is one of the common characteristics of bone bioactive ceramics. It contributes to their bone bonding ability and their enhancing effect on bone tissue formation. During implantation, reactions occur at the material-tissue interface that lead to time-dependent changes in the surface characteristics of the implant material and the tissues at the interface. This review describes some of the current concepts regarding the surface reactivity of bone bioactive materials and its effect on attachment, proliferation, differentiation and mineralization of bone cells.  相似文献
组织工程研究进展   总被引:28,自引:2,他引:26  
组织工程是生物医学工程领域中一个快速发展的新方向,本文概述了组织工程的基本原理、研究现状和发展方向,以及相关的市场问题及关键技术的发展。  相似文献
骨组织工程支架及生物材料研究   总被引:27,自引:0,他引:27  
组织工程的出现为人类治疗骨缺损提供了一种新的选择,在骨组织工程中,支架扮演着十分重要的角色。本文就骨组织工程用支架材料的性能要求,设计要点及其发展现状作出一简要介绍。  相似文献
新型组织工程支架材料   总被引:27,自引:0,他引:27  
主要对近几年可吸收降解生物材料的研究状况做了一简要综述。包括胶原、纤维蛋白、甲壳素及其衍生物、天然珊瑚等天然材料,也包括聚乳酸、聚乙醇酸、聚原酸酯、聚磷腈、聚酸酐等合成材料。  相似文献
This study explores the use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for intervertebral disc regeneration. We used an in vivo model to investigate the feasibility of exogenous cell delivery, retention, and survival in the pressurized disc space. MSC injection into rat coccygeal discs was performed using 15% hyaluronan gel as a carrier. Injections of gel with or without MSCs were performed. Immediately after injection, fluorescently labeled stem cells were visible on sections of cell-injected discs. Seven and 14 days after injection, stem cells were still present within the disc, but their numbers were significantly decreased. At 28 days, a return to the initial number of injected cells was observed, and viability was 100%. A trend of increased disc height compared to blank gel suggests an increase in matrix synthesis. The results indicate that MSCs can maintain viability and proliferate within the rat intervertebral disc.  相似文献
组织工程化天然神经支架的制备   总被引:25,自引:4,他引:21  
目的 为修复神经干缺损提供理想的天然神经支架。方法 取Wistar大鼠双侧坐骨神经 ,运用低渗 -脱细胞的组织工程学方法处理大鼠坐骨神经 ,对该神经支架分别进行组织学和透射、扫描电镜检测。结果 神经水平切面上见雪旺细胞基底膜管呈网眼状 ,纵切面上呈典型的长空管状 ;未见轴突、髓鞘和雪旺细胞核。透射、扫描电镜观察 ,空虚的基底膜管内未见残留结构 ,基底膜管壁胶原纤维排列有序。结论 本实验采用的低渗 -脱细胞的组织工程学方法可制备出理想的周围神经支架。该支架可作为神经干缺损的桥接物 ,也可作为神经组织工程种子细胞的支架。  相似文献
There is a recognized and urgent need for improved treatment of articular cartilage defects. Tissue engineering of cartilage using a cell-scaffold approach has demonstrated potential to offer an alternative and effective method for treating articular defects. We have developed a unique, heterogeneous, osteochondral scaffold using the TheriForm three-dimensional printing process. The material composition, porosity, macroarchitecture, and mechanical properties varied throughout the scaffold structure. The upper, cartilage region was 90% porous and composed of D,L-PLGA/L-PLA, with macroscopic staggered channels to facilitate homogenous cell seeding. The lower, cloverleaf-shaped bone portion was 55% porous and consisted of a L-PLGA/TCP composite, designed to maximize bone ingrowth while maintaining critical mechanical properties. The transition region between these two sections contained a gradient of materials and porosity to prevent delamination. Chondrocytes preferentially attached to the cartilage portion of the device, and biochemical and histological analyses showed that cartilage formed during a 6-week in vitro culture period. The tensile strength of the bone region was similar in magnitude to fresh cancellous human bone, suggesting that these scaffolds have desirable mechanical properties for in vivo applications, including full joint replacement.  相似文献
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